Still Life

Gem Theater Firewrok Display

Some of the best things in life come from the unexpected.  Duane loves his craft and his hometown.  As such, in his spare time, he is always wandering around taking pictures of things we may not see.  Are you looking for a piece for your home or office.  Duane offers prints of these pictures.  



Do you enjoy the little things in life?  Duane has a been featured in many online publications for his beautiful nature photography.  Whether horses grazing in the field or the hummingbird feeding on a flower, check out his animal and nature portfolios.  You can also purchase some of them on the prints page.


Brida and Flower Girl

Getting married is an important time in our lives.  We all want to memorialize this event with photos that will make us feel all of the wonderful emotions all over again.  Why chose a photographer who will only give you stale pictures that you have seen over and over again?  Duane DuVall has a unique eye and will capture all the best moments of your engagement as well as the wedding.  You can see some of his past work in his engagements portfolio or his wedding portfolio.